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Dreadlock Services

Dreamer Awake specializes in creating and maintaining dreadlocks using the crochet method.  Services include starting new dreadlocks, maintaining existing ones, attaching permanent extensions to dreads, applying temporary dreads to both loose hair and dreaded hair.  The goal is to provide you with healthy and long-lasting dreadlocks that you'll love!

Pricing for Dreadlock Services


​​I charge the same hourly rate for all dreadlock services with a minimum of 30 minutes.  ​

Temporary Dreadlocks must be purchased separately, and installation is charged extra at the below rate.


​A non-refundable deposit may be requested prior to your appointment. This will be forfeited if you are a 'no show', but transferrable if either of us need to rebook.​ A travel fee will be applied for mobile appointments.


​Weekdays 10am to 6pm - $80/hour

Weekdays after 6pm, Weekends & Public Holidays - $100/hour​

Please send through a couple photos via text or email for a quote.

New Dreads

A full head of new dreadlocks may take anywhere from 3 to 10 hours or more, depending on hair length and thickness. ​I will section the hair as I go, usually starting from the base up to the crown in a brick pattern. I use a tiny crochet hook to knot the hair into dreads, so you are able to treat it like normal right away. ​We will discuss how you would like your hair to look and talk about sectioning during the appointment, as well as dreadlock care and when to book in for maintenance.



Maintenance generally takes 2 to 3 hours, depending on the condition of the dreads and how many you have. ​During a maintenance appointment, I will use a crochet hook to pull all the loose hairs and fluffy bits back into your dreads, making them look neater and tight again. ​Regular maintenance is recommended in the early stages until your dreads 'lock up'. Once your dreads have 'locked', depending on personal preferences, you may wish to get maintenance 2 to 6 times a year or whenever you feel like you need it.


These are a great idea if you want instant length! The time it takes to apply extensions varies a lot depending on the length (of both your hair and the extensions), if you already have dreads, and if the extensions are already pre-dreaded or not. My method to attach extensions is seamless and permanent. We can discuss what type of extension is best suited to you, whether real human hair or synthetic is desired .These appointments require a thorough discussion and planning before purchasing hair and making a booking. 


Temporary Dreads

Temporary dreads are brilliant if you are not ready to commit to real dreadlocks just yet, or if you have dreads but would like more volume as they can be applied to both dreaded and non-dreaded hair. ​We can use as little or as many dreads as you like to achieve the look you're after. From one or two accent colours, to a full head - and everything in between. ​Temporary dreads can be custom made in colours of your choice, or you can see what I already have available. ​They can be braided into your non-dreaded hair, or attached with a band to dreadlocks at home, or you can have them installed by Dreamer Awake.

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