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I have been creating and maintaining stunning dreadlocks in Canberra for over 14 years.  


My focus is always on the client, working with them to create the dreadlocks they've been dreaming of! Together, we can figure out the best style that will suit you and your hair type.


I use no chemicals, wax, glues, bands or cotton. The only tools I use are a small crochet hook, and a hair clip. The crochet method is ideal as it creates uniform, smooth and tight dreadlocks.


I am passionate about creating unique styles that reflect your personality and hair goals. From single dreads to a full head of wild coloured permanent extensions - I can make it happen!


Contact me to schedule an appointment and let me help you achieve the dreadlocks of your dreams!

Lis xx

The back of a person looking out over green grass. They are wearing a black top and a single, neat, dreadlock falls over their neck. The dreadlock has beads and charms.

About Lis

I am Lis, the face behind Dreamer Awake.

I have been creating dreads for a really long time and I think my favourite part about it is meeting so many different people from different walks of life - the stories I've heard! And of course, the smiles and hugs after my clients see the end result of their shiny new dreads!

I love gardening, horror movies, conspiracy docos and getting out and about. I also love creating handmade things; candles, soaps and crocheting!

Photo of Lis, sitting in the sun outside. She has long red hair and facial piercings.
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